Business Improvement

Are you searching for ways to further enhance the performance of a student accommodation business?

  • Is it time for a student accommodation business health check?
  • How do you measure the performance of your student accommodation business?
  • Do you know where the improvement lies but need an expert to help your business get there?

Access our professional consultants with extensive experience in operating student accommodation across multiple countries, various market conditions and with a diverse range of operational teams.

Auskor Australasia assist our clients to reposition existing student accommodation businesses to thrive in the face of increased competition.

Elements include:

  • Business and operational reviews.
  • Customised business improvement strategies.
  • Occupancy and rate restoration.
  • New market identification.
  • Team mentoring.

Business improvement services are billed on a short-term task orientated arrangement or charged on a negotiated fixed fee for project-based work as defined by an agreed consultancy brief and adjusted to align with local market fees for similar services.

Not sure if we can help? Email us to arrange a free, no obligation, online consultation session anywhere in the world.

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